Prof. Prof. Dr. Spyros Th. Camalaki

Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University
Group Co-founder

The prosperity of a nation is becoming more closely tied to the skills of its people and the extent to which these skills are used to best advantage. A skilled work force and a well funded and active science and engineering research infrastructure are two of the primary ingredients for achieving competitiveness and prosperity. It requires a bold effort to develop and maintain an effective national education system and research infrastructure. Lab-Hellas Ltd., a member of the Sangari group, is involved in the field of human resource development. The Group was established in 1984 with the aim of helping nations to modernize and develop their educational and research infrastructure through turn-key projects.

Lab-Hellas Ltd. being member of the Group is able to offer a significant contribution towards a nation’s growth through the development and modernization of its education and research institutions. It is through hands-on training that skills are taught and through well staffed and well equipped research laboratories that scientific and engineering advancement is achieved. Hands-on training in schools and universities requires well trained instructors and laboratories equipped with well engineering didactic products where students can learn through experimentation. Research requires well educated scientists and engineers having at their disposal the latest technology together with on-going funding for operation and maintenance.

By providing a comprehensive range of services and backed-up by substantial experience in this field, Lab-Hellas Ltd. ensures that all client needs are thoroughly researched by our project development team.

Our project development team includes consultants from some of the world’s leading universities and research institutes, leading manufacturers of scientific and didactic products, and financial institutions.


Our long experience combined with our international contacts ensures the best quality and educational value of supplied equipment as well as of support services offered before and after sales.
Our company is ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified and a certified member of the Hellenic Recycling Agency. 


Our company, leader in the field of supplying educational equipment for all levels of education in Greece, works exclusively for the supply and commissioning of educational/didactic laboratories, systems and equipment. The products we supply cover all the fields and levels mainly of the vocational training but also of general education and aim, in one hand to making the learning procedure easier for the students and, on the other hand to help teachers’ to work more effectively using high value teaching tools, providing not only equipment but also full support such as specialized know-how, experimental manuals, software etc. Our mission is to continue our operation in this field considering the demands of our customers and evaluating their satisfaction, contributing in the evolvement of vocational and general education in Greece, and other Countries around the World, keeping a high efficiency level, protecting the Environment where possible and trying to diminish the environmental consequences for our operation, complying to local and European regulations.


We focus in the supply of educational equipment of high quality observing always the newest technology evolutions. We aim to continue being a strong quality reference point in our field, continuously enriching our collaborations with new manufacturing firms, local and international, leaders in new technologies, and improving daily our before- and after-sales services towards our customers following always the legislative and regulatory requirements. We protect the Environment and prevent pollution during our operation. For this reason we focus in trying to reduce the energy consumption during our operation and adopt methods of responsible management, disposal and recycling of waste, packaging materials and electric/electronic devices in order to decrease the environmental consequences, encouraging all involved parties to adopt correct environmental practices. We implement the Integrated Management System in all foreseen procedures with consistency and responsibility from all our collaborators. We continuously work to improve our results and reinforce our efficiency. Through our financial growth we try to ensure better business and working conditions for the future, better collaboration terms with our suppliers and achievement of new environmental and quality targets.